Pint Sized Penguin Painter

The Penguin Post  has learned that a pint sized penguin loving Picasso is leaving a cool webbed footprint  in the art world. Eleven-year-old Dylan Ward, from Washington, could not believe it when his 15 original penguin prints sold out within a day and a half of going on display at the Biscuit Factory Gallery, in Newcastle, UK.  Art lovers clamored to get their hands on the schoolboy’s work after he featured on Noel Edmond’s Christmas Presents show on Sky TV. The presenter was touched by Dylan’s efforts to sell his paintings to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support, and whisked him to South Africa to see the penguins he paints in the wild. Since then, the Blackfell Primary School pupil’s penguin paintings have gone on display in the gallery which has sold hundreds of prints, as well as the originals, to help him raise charity funds. Dylan, from Ayton, said: “I think it’s brilliant to see my own paintings in an exhibition and to raise money for Macmillan. “Some people have asked me to sign their prints, which makes me feel really proud. “Going to see the penguins in South Africa was the best bit of my life.” Dylan was inspired to pick up his paintbrush after the death of his grandfather, John Pearson, who died from cancer in 2009, aged 53. John was cared for by Macmillan Nurses, who the kind-hearted schoolboy decided to help and has since raised £3,000 for the cause. As well as featuring on Noel Edmond’s Christmas Presents, Dylan was named as Britain’s Kindest Kid in a Channel 5 show. He has also won a Pride of Wearside award for his charity work. His mother Annmarie said: “Dylan was filmed at the gallery for the TV show and they said they wanted to help him. “I don’t think they expected to sell so many prints. “The gallery owner has been lovely and has given Dylan some canvases to paint more originals.” She added: “A lot of the paintings were inspired by his trip to South Africa, some of them are fingertip paintings which have been really popular.” Although Dylan’s original paintings have been sold, fetching up to £75 a print, they are on display at the gallery on Stoddart Street until Sunday.

Penguin lover and artist Dylan Ward, 11, with his exhibition of penguin paintings at The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle


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