Penguins In Abu Dubai!?

The Penguin Post has learned that the oil rich Emirate of Abu Dubai is importing real penguins to promote the planned and ambitious indoor Ski Dubai / Snowdome project located in the Dubai Mall of the Emirates.  “Here Dubai shoppers will soon be able to get up close and personal with real penguins,” a Ski Dubai spokesman said after it was announced they would play host to a colony of penguins. The developer of the indoor ski slope, located in massive Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates, said it planned to build a special enclosure to host the birds as part of a multi-generation breeding program. The environment will “mirror the Antarctic,” Ski Dubai said in an emailed statement. “Visitors will be able to view the snow penguin’s natural antics.” The penguins will be on show from early February, in the statement said, after being relocated from US-based SeaWorld.

"Snow" penguins at Ski Dubai


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