Lucky Penguin Gets The Boot

In a move that’s upped the ante for cute corporate philanthropy to new and adorable heights, the Penguin Post has learned that Teva execs had given the green light for its designers to engineer and outfit a young penguin with a specialty boot to correct his foot disorder.  Lucky, a young penguin at the Santa Barbara Zoo, was having a rough go of it (probably waddling in a circle) after his right leg stopped developing normally. That’s when Teva (those folks who make the velcro-sandals you see everywhere) stepped in to design a shoe that would allow plucky Lucky to operate his foot functionally. The shoemakers went through six different prototypes, before finding one that kept Lucky waddling happy. “We treated Lucky just like we’d treat any customer,” explains Stuart Jenkins, vice president of business development at Teva.  Except the shoe was on the house.

Lucky takes his new Teva shoe for a waddle.


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  1. Florence Selvin (@flosel23) Says:

    @Santa_Monicaa I thought you’d like this

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