New Penguins Waddle To Canada

The Penguin Post has learned that the Calgary Zoo has announced its newest residents, penguins, have finally waddled to their new home and are just weeks away from making their public debut. The news comes as 46 penguins from five zoos, including facilities in the United States and Scotland, have all arrived at the Calgary Zoo. The new Penguin Plunge exhibit is due to open Feb. 17, in time for the Family Day holiday, said zoo spokeswoman Laurie Skene. “Everybody arrived safe and sound,” Skene said of the four species of penguins — gentoo, king, Humboldt and rockhopper — that will live in the display. Each penguin must undergo a 30-day quarantine before it can take up its new digs, Skene explained. The penguins were shipped to Calgary in refrigerated units with specially designed crates with ice and cold water. Zookeepers accompanied them on their journey, said Skene. Penguin Plunge will have indoor and outdoor homes for the black and white birds and feature pools where visitors can watch the penguins swim. The exhibit is one of the most technically complex at the zoo.

Penguins in Calgary await their grand opening



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2 Responses to “New Penguins Waddle To Canada”

  1. Phyllis Werlin Says:

    I just learned about this blog – how awesome. I visited your store Next Stop South Pole at the Seaport many years ago and was disappointed the last time I tried to find it. I remember how you offered to help me set up a Penguin cart at Fanueil Hall in Boston. (I should have taken you up on that!) I still have one of your old catalogs but just read that you’ve moved. I do not actively shop for penguins on the web but I do try to find them whenever I travel. While I have a nice collection, I’m not “obsessed” either. Last night, I received a gift basket of penguin items and that got me to try to find your shop online and I found the Gazette article etc.. I’m also 51 so I try to keep my collection “dignified”…ha ha.
    However, since I’m not really a penguin “expert”, except that I enjoy visiting them at the Aquarium in Boston and I can identify a few types and know where they live (south of Equator only), I will continue to read your blog to keep up!


    • Eric Bennett Says:

      Thanks for the note Phyllis. It’s always nice to hear from an old (not so old) penguin pal. I too try to be picky with my personal collection. I love your term keeping your collection “dignified”. Best regards and keep waddling, Eric

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