Penguins Waddle In Pittsburgh

The Penguin Post has learned that in Pittsburgh, penguins enjoy public walks among their fans – and we’re not talking about the hockey players.  We’re talking about the King penguins that reside at the Pittsburgh Aquraium during the event Penguins on Parade, which will take place throughout February and March. In anticipation of this waddling event, penguin keeper Katy Wozniak has been letting the penguins practice waddling and hopping around on a path beside the PPG Aquarium at the Pittsburgh Zoo while admiring crowds gather to watch. “We’re going to give all the Pittsburgh folks an opportunity to come out Saturday and Sunday at 12:00,” says Dwayne Biggs, the curator of aquatic life. And how do the penguins feel about the chance to go for a stroll outside their enclosure? “They love it, they actually love it,” Biggs responds. “We’ll open the door up to the exhibit, and Katy and the staff will call the birds to the door and say, ‘Hey guys, it’s time to go out and play!’ Basically, they’ll come up to the door, come out and they enjoy it.” After their brisk practice walk, the penguins returned back to their home in the aquarium to rest up for the weekend.


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