Penguin Couple Married On Valentine’s Day

The Penguin Post has learned that staff at the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium in China have decided to put on a show for visitors by setting up a wedding for a loving penguin couple, named Xiaobai and Xiaoxue. To add to the spectacle, the two Humboldt penguins were carried from their enclosure to the wedding ceremony in a miniature remote-controlled car, and rather than wedding rings for their flippers, the love-up pair were given flowers to put around their necks. Excited visitors to the zoo then gathered to take pictures of the newlywed penguins and the spectacular ceremony. One of the penguin keepers said: ‘First of all, Valentine’s Day is coming up and we can feel this festival approaching us. Our aquarium, looking from the viewpoint of our marine species, decided to stage a wedding for this penguin couple. They are one of the few in the animal kingdom that are monogamous, which is similar to us, human beings. So we hope that through this event, everyone will feel love is in the air.’  We certainly do.  Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.



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