Name That Penguin

The Penguin Post has learned that in partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society, Burger King is offering children an opportunity to name the one year-old Black-Footed Penguin living at the New York Aquarium in Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York. The penguin, a native New Yorker, was born in Rochester New York. He was then donated to the Wildlife Conservation Society. This new promotion by Burger King, along with the Wildlife Conservation Society, is aimed at inspiring children’s imaginations and to also empower them to learn more about important causes and charities. Bertina Ceccarelli, the Executive Vice-President of Global Resources, Wildlife Conservation Society said, “Our partnership with Burger King Corp. has helped us educate young Americans about the importance of saving wildlife and wild places, while providing direct support for our conservation programs. The Black Footed Penguin is found only in Africa. Excellent swimmers, they can reach speeds of 15 mph and remain underwater for 2 1/2 minutes when they are hunting prey. Black-Footed penguins frequently swim jumping in and out of the water, which is referred to as “porpoising”. Traveling in groups, this largest species in the family of flightless birds, often venture 30 miles in search of a meal. On an average they live between 10-11 years with a record age of 24 years recorded. Their mating call resembles the sound of a donkey, so they are often called the “Jackass penguin”. With a population of over 5 million a hundred years ago, fisheries have since depleted the Black-Footed Penguin’s preferred prey and with their eggs considered a delicacy, it is estimated that only 55,000 still remain. As a result, they were listed as endangered under the U.S.A. Endangered Species Act in September, 2010. The deadline for submitting penguin names is right around the corner on Sunday, February 19, children wishing to participate, simply can login at Name the Penguin Contest.  Burger King will post the top five names chosen by the Wildlife Conservation Society on February 20.  Following the announcement, children are invited to return to the site and vote for their favorite names. The winning name will be revealed the week of March 5 at a special live naming ceremony held at the New York Aquarium. This partnered promotion provides both fun for kids and also presents a creative way for children to get involved in bringing the plight of the Black-Footed Penguin into public awareness. What do you think? Share your opinion in a comment.

A new program allows people to enter their names of choice for a Black-Footed Penguin in the New York Aquarium.


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