Baby Makes A Three Penguin Wedding Cake Topper

These days with more and more people waiting to tie the knot until after they’ve had a child my daughter Sophie has come up with a novel idea to provide a penguin service that reflects this growing trend, coming up with a three penguin wedding cake topper.  Yes, a penguin cake topper that includes not just a flightless bride and groom, but a penguin baby as well, and I for one call it nothing short of inspired genius.  As we produce our own penguin cake toppers here at Penguin Place it was easy enough for me to simply add a penguin chick to the pedestal, but honestly the idea for a “baby makes three” wedding cake topper never occurred to me.   Then, the other day while Sophie was helping me re-stock a new shipment of Hagen Rennaker ceramic papa, momma and baby penguin figurines, she placed the trio on an empty wedding cake topper exactly as they are configured in the picture below and eureka!  “How did you think of this?” I asked her.  She then told me that her friend Frida was the flower girl at her own parents wedding four years ago, and that if Frida’s parents liked penguins this would have made the perfect cake topper for them.  “It certainly would.” I replied with a smile,  then out came the super glue, followed five minutes later by my digital camera.  Unfortunately, for penguin loving couples getting hitched with more than one kid (chick) there’s really not much more room for additional chicks, so it looks like “and baby makes three” is the limit for this topper.  So, cheers to you Sophie for an inspired penguin idea.

And baby makes a three penguin wedding cake topper


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One Response to “Baby Makes A Three Penguin Wedding Cake Topper”

  1. Gail K. Says:

    LOVE IT! Now I have the Schoolhouse Rock “Multiplication rock 3” song “a man and a woman had a little baby…they had 3 in the family” running through my head but it’s all good!!

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