Penguin Statue Pilfered

The Penguin Post has learned that somewhere in suburban Philadelphia a 5-foot tall statue of a mother penguin feeding her chick is missing, and the man who carved the work is seeking the public’s help in getting it back. “Maybe it’s on the side of the road somewhere,” said Haycock artist Ron Bevilacqua. “I really would like to find the piece.” Bevilacqua said he discovered the statue missing Saturday morning from the sculpture garden at his Thatcher Hill studio. The piece weighs more than 150 pounds, and Bevilacqua thinks that whoever took it, wasn’t alone. The artist said he believes the statue was dragged or carried 50 feet down the driveway and loaded onto a vehicle. “There had to be more than one person involved,” he said. State police are investigating the theft, and Bevilacqua said he sent fliers describing the statue to the Richland and Quakertown, Pa police departments. The sculpture, which is valued at $1,000, was recently shown at the Buckingham Valley Winery annual outdoor sculpture exhibit. The artist is offering a reward for its recovery.

Have you seen this penguin?

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