Penguin Plunge Breaks Record

The Penguin Post has learned that participants in this year’s Penguin Plunge broke a fundraising record, raising more than $61,000 for Connecticut Special Olympics, organizers said Saturday. The Penguin Plunge is hosted by the Polish Falcons Nest No. 519 on the shore of Crystal Lake, where the 254 participants took the plunge for the cause Saturday. Last year, 235 penguins took the plunge and raised $50,000. “It’s not as bad as I thought it would be. I’d do it again,” said Gail Petras, Middletown animal control officer, who took the plunge with three other animal control officers, six Middletown police officers and friends and family. This year’s event was only the “second or third” where the lake was clear of ice and the beach clear of snow, according to Marc Mercadante, eastern regional director of the Special Oympics. “Last year we had mounds of snow and 13 inches of ice,” he said. “This is only our second or third event with open water.” Not very penguin-like if you ask us.


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