Fugitive Japanese Penguin Evades Capture

While it’s not exactly like trying to capture Godzilla, the penguin that made a break from a Japanese zoo the other day is still being tracked by baffled zoo keepers with hopes of recapturing the flightless bird.   The Penguin Posthas learned that after a couple of days of no success, their new plan is to sneak up on the young penguin when it takes a nap. Yeah right, I can’t see that happening.  The one-year-old Humboldt penguin was last spotted swimming in a Tokyo river, having thought to have scaled a sheer rock face to escape. Tokyo Sea Life Park official Takashi Sugino said the 24-inch penguin appears to have managed to clear a rock twice its size before making a waddle for it.  Which to me doesn’t seem like a very imposing obstacle for a two foot tall feisty penguin to overcome. “We first noticed the penguin might have fled when the director of a neighboring zoo e-mailed us Sunday, with a photo,” said Sugino. A second snap taken by a visitor allowed wardens to identify the missing bird as one that had hatched last January. While officials are unable to definitively determine how the bird managed to break out of the enclosure it shared with 134 other Humboldts, they suspect a burst of energy may have helped the penguin on its way. Sugino added: “Of course it can’t fly, but sometimes wildlife have an ‘explosive’ power when frightened by something. “Maybe it ran up the rock after being surprised.”  Last seen in the mouth of the Old Edogawa river that runs into Tokyo Bay, officials have dismissed catching up with the penguin by water. “It’s a bit of a struggle to catch it when it is swimming, because it swims at a tremendous speed,” Sugino said.“We are hoping to catch it when it climbs up on land to sleep.” Good luck with that plan.

Fugitive penguin before he escaped from Tokyo Zoo.


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