Penguin Ice Cube Tray

When we say our penguin ice cube tray is special we mean it.  Each year when you’ve got more than 1000 different penguin items to order, stock, catalog, photograph and write copy for one might think it’s not easy to get attached to your inventory, but when your inventory is penguins that’s simply not the case (especially for me).  I usually won’t order an item from a distributor unless I believe in it, but some of our penguins over the years have crossed that line and are simply so iconic that if and when that day comes when they are discontinued by the manufacturer it’s a sad day indeed at Penguin Place.  Such was the case four years ago when our wonderful penguin ice-cube tray was discontinued.   Retailing for $5 or $6 over the years this was obviously not a big Penguin Place revenue producer, but for us it was the embodiment of the perfect penguin product.  Functional (everyone needs an ice-cube), perfect for all ages, virtually unbreakable, easy to ship and stock, the penguin design was simple and clean, great for all seasons, and really when you think about it what’s more perfect than penguin ice cubes?  So, at the recent NY Gift Show when I came across a booth that was offering some cool Penguin Nail Files and Tweezers (both of which I purchased for Penguin Place), the sales rep inquired if there was anything else I was interested in. “Penguin ice-cube trays would be nice,” I answered, and to my surprise she told me that they indeed had penguin ice-cube trays, but because of the size limitations of their booth at the show they had no room to display them.  “Get out!” I shouted, and ordered a case right there, sight unseen.  They arrived last week virtually unchanged in design from the penguin ice-cube tray of the past, and have been best sellers at Penguin Place ever since.  So, here’s to our resurrected penguin ice-cube tray.  Long may it make waddling ice cubes.

The perfect penguin product.


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