Penguin #337 May Be On The Lam For Some Time

The Penguin Post has learned that the young Humboldt Penguin known as “Penguin 337″ who made a daring escape from the Tokyo Sea Life Park this past week,  scaling a 17 foot rock wall and then through the perimeter fence may be swimming free for quite some time.  The awol penguin is a one-year old bird, and according to zoo officials mature enough to survive on its own in Tokyo Bay, but given that the waterways near the Sea Life Park are quite busy with shipping traffic, these same officials are hopeful that the penguin will be recovered before it falls into harm’s way.  Fortunately for rescuers, Humboldt penguins tend to stay relatively close to shore in the wild, so it is not too likely 337  will attempt to head further out to sea.   Still, if history is any indication here and 337 remains at large, wayward penguins have often survived for long periods of time after being intentionally or unintentionally released in the wild outside of their native habitats.  So, if Penguin 337 can steer clear of predators and boat propellers, it should find plenty to eat in the area, and with luck will eventually be returned to the zoo by authorities with plenty of stories to tell his buddies back at the Tokyo Sea Life Park.  Check out this video that accompanies the story at MSNBC:


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One Response to “Penguin #337 May Be On The Lam For Some Time”

  1. Penguin No. 337 Says:

    @penguin_337 I love the squid out here, but man I need to get me more of those Koi fish! Those are tasty!

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