Penguin Pens

How many penguin pens are too many?  The answer at Penguin Place appears to be you can never have too many penguin pens.  This week we’ve added our cool looking Penguin Click and 3-D Penguin Pens to our overflowing iceberg of penguin writing implements bringing our total to six, yes I said six different penguin pens!  How different can penguin pens be from each other you may ask?  Well, we’ve got everything from a very classy (and fancy) and weighted Emperor Penguin Pen, to an elegant King Penguin Pen,  our latest functional Click Penguin Pen, the fun Icicle Penguin Pen.  Imported from Germany is the unique 3-D Penguin Pen, and the Light Up Globe Penguin Pen.   That doesn’t even include the penguin pens we get in our P-Bay Section every now and then.  So, obviously, at Penguin Place it’s the more the merrier when it comes to Penguin Pens.

Our latest Click Penguin Pen


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