Penguin Race

On that historic day in mid-March 1985 when my all-penguin cart opened its doors for the first time, well there were no doors as it was a push cart, but you get the idea.  Among the 40 or so penguin goodies that made up my inventory that inaugural morning was, yes, you guessed it – the iconic playful penguin race.  Now, 26 years years later, that squeaking toy, with the amazing penguin escalating action is still a mainstay of my now 700 plus penguin inventory, just as it has been for the past two and a half decades.  In all that time many things have come and gone, but not a thing has changed for the penguin race.  The box, the game, the track, the flags,the squeaking noise, the door at the base for the D battery, even the three penguin racer colors of red, blue and black are all the same.  Amazingly, even the price of the penguin race is virtually unchanged going from $12.95 in 1985 to $14.95 today.  That’s an increase of .08% a year, making this toy a real inflation buster.  I can’t tell you how many penguin races we’ve sold over the years, but I’d wager it’s well into the thousands.  So, here’s to you my friend the playful penguin race.  Few things have been more constant than you in my life, and in the 26 years of penguin place that says a lot. These days my kids love playing with this wonderfully simple and delightful penguin toy just as people who are now in their 30’s loved to play with it all those years ago.


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