Penguin Bumper Stickers

This past weekend while on the road to go ice skating with my kids, my daughter yelled out “Daddy look!”,  as she pointed straight ahead.  “You mean the car in front of me?” I asked as I squinted to see what got her so excited.  “Yes, the blue car straight ahead, they have one of your bumper stickers!”, and lo and behold they did have an I Brake For Penguins bumper sticker proudly displayed on their right bumper for all to see.  My first thought was to somehow commune with the driver of this penguin loving car about 60 feet in front of us.  Could this be a customer of mine?  It was certainly a Penguin Place bumper sticker.  Would I know them?  What are my options here.  I wanted to somehow say hey, but, really what could I do?  If I pulled up next to them on the interstate and honked my horn we’re talking a risk / reward situation in which the reward did not come close to outweighing the risk. They probably wouldn’t know why I was honking at them and more than likely would give me a a dirty look (or worse).  I could always speed up and cut in front of them so they can see my I Love Penguins bumper sticker, but we were already going 75 mph and our exit was in a couple of miles. It was all too complicated.  So, I decided to leave well enough alone and kept a few car lengths back satisfied with our I Brake For Penguins sighting.  For me it’s always nice to see a fellow penguin lover whoever you are.  Who knows, maybe you’ll read this posting.


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