Penguins On Ice For Breaking & Entering

The Penguin Post has learned that the El Paso County Sheriff’s deputies arrested six penguins on Tuesday, believing they are the waddlers behind an incident of early morning vandalism at Clint High School.  It seems the mischievous penguin vandals are accused of breaking into the school and then using glue to close doors and turn lights on.  In a curious move, the penguin perps also spray painted the number “2012” on a brick wall.  Authorities believe they may be minions sent to spread the word about the year-end apocalypse.  Or, maybe not, since it seems the six penguin vandals are actually seniors at the Texas school.  Someone saw the group — dressed as penguins — sneaking into the high school at 3:50 a.m. Monday morning and called the police. The group seems to have randomly chosen the penguin costumes, as the school

Wanted for B & E

mascot is listed as the lion. Perhaps the gangs thinking was that a penguin is a more sympathetic animal if caught. The teens — Ray Pacheco, 18, Hector Soto, Robert Armendariz, 18, Brandon Soltero, 18, Omar Arballo, 18, and Manuel Cano, 17 — have been charged with engaging in organized criminal activity reports the El Paso Times.  The crime, which is akin to engaging in a conspiracy to commit burglary, is a felony under Texas law. This means that these penguin impersonators can potentially spend 2 years in jail for carrying out a senior prank.  In case you were wondering, Penguin Place has not sold any penguin costumes to the El Paso, Texas area recently.


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