Penguin Blanket

It’s been a few years since Penguin Place has offered a penguin blanket of any sort, but today marked the arrival of what may be our most beautiful penguin blanket offering ( in a 1970’s sort of way).  This queen size, extremely colorful scene depicting an Emperor Penguin and chick on the Antarctic ice with the vivid polar lights above them, and more penguins on ice in the background will certainly become the centerpiece of your bedroom.  This very cool, retro looking blanket is available in a queen size (95″ x 79″) only, and makes a great looking bed spread, throw or disco wall covering as well as blanket.  This luxury plush blanket is not made from any animal. It is a printed high pile acrylic or acrylic/ polyester blend blanket. It’s called a “plush blanket” and it gets its name from the furry, plush soft texture that feels similar to mink fur. This penguin blanket does not shed, bleed, fade and is machine washable and Dryer safe! They are durable and will last from 10-20 years with normal wear and tear.  Our penguin plush blanket is also allergy free .

Queen Size Penguin Blanket


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