Penguins Sellout

We love our new Penguin Place website!  It’s one year old today and since we launched we’ve been constantly fine tuning and upgrading.  It’s been a labor of love and penguin passion and has everything we wanted in a website and more.  But, one thing that was missing was a “item sold out” feature for penguin items that were…sold out.  Since the launch if I had an item that was sold out, even for a few days I had to take it completely off the website by unpublishing the item, then add a url redirect to it so if someone doing a Google search clicked on the link it would take you to a published section of the website.   Then to put the penguin back up when it came back in stock I’d simply reverse the process.  This was an inconvenience to everyone involved.  Me, search engines who were indexing and ranking the item, and customers who might see a particular penguin goodie, bookmark it, and a few days later go back to purchase the penguin but now the item would be gone, with no hint as to what happened to it, when it might be back, etc.  Now, through the magic of our penguin sold out feature the penguin item stays right where it is with a “item temporarily sold out”in red written over where the order / quantity box was.  This way our customers will know that this item will eventually be back in.  Sounds like a simple feature, but we had a long list of to do’s and at long last this one is done.

Our Penguin Window Curtain Is Sold Out


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One Response to “Penguins Sellout”

  1. Debra Goodrich Says:

    Will you get these curtains back in stock? If so how much do they cost?

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