Cool Penguin Stuff

Every once in a while we come across a very cool and unique penguin item that we simply have to have.  We know it won’t be a big seller, but it’s just so weird ( fun ) that we must keep this penguin in stock.  This is the case with our Penguin Toilet Handle.  We’ve carried it for a few years now and sold our last one in early December, and it’s been on back order ever since, only coming back in this past Monday.  What we love about items like this is that whenever someone asks what’s the most unique penguin you have I have something interesting to say in response.  Be it our long lost penguin menorah, plunger or toilet brush or the toilet handle it’s always nice to have a quick retort.  It’s cool, unique functional and it always brings a smile to someones face when I mention we carry it.


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