The Last Word On Dirk The Penguin

Usually, we mock criminals as idiots when they can’t help themselves and  brag about their crimes on Facebook, only to get caught shortly thereafter.  Not that anyone I know would do this, but ask yourself, if your “crime” was getting drunk, breaking into Sea World, swimming with dolphins, and making off with a 7-year-old fairy penguin, how in the world could you resist the urge to share that incredible night with the rest of the world?  Especially when you wake up with a hangover and a penguin in your room?  A not too bright and very drunk trio of U.K. tourists in Australia found themselves in that exact situation last week, and have since been arrested for doing just that.  A friend of theirs reportedly tipped police off after reading their Facebook post, and they were  shortly apprehended—but not before they released Dirk the penguin into the a nearby canal where he nearly was injured or worse by sharks (in the water) and dogs (on the shore).  But fortunately for Dirk (and the three tourists) Dirk is just fine; after a couple spotted him being chased by a dog on the banks of the canal.  Thinking it odd to see a penguin in that area, the couple chased the dog away, Googled “lost penguin,” quickly realized who the penguin was, and called Sea World.   So, now with Dirk back at Sea World safe, sound and reunited with his mate Peaches.  That’s right, we found out Dirk has a girlfriend named Peaches. So, with Dirk coming out of this unscathed this story turns out to be more of a silly, drunken boys night out, Hollywood B-movie rather than the sad tragedy it came very close to becoming.  The difference between the three men being international villains and facing serious prosecution and a kind of funny / dark story is that Dirk did not become a shark meal or dog food.  Dirk, it seems like the rest of us is walking a fine line every day.

Dirk The Penguin Back Home


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One Response to “The Last Word On Dirk The Penguin”

  1. jenniferadamec Says:

    So glad he’s ok!

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