Penguin Stuffed Animals

A penguin plush by any other name is still a penguin plush or a stuffed penguin. I’m kind of on the fence. What can I say, I was never a fan of  the term “stuffed animal” as it sounds like I got my penguin at the taxidermist, but people don’t usually say “aw, that’s a cute penguin plush”.  It just sounds too awkward, and only my 5 year daughter can get away with “plushie”.  My un-scientific survey says “stuffed animal” or “stuffed penguin” usually wins out over penguin plush, but to each his /her own.    The worst term for me was when I had my brick and mortar shop at South Street Seaport and people use to ask me “how much are your Teddy Bears?” while pointing at a stuffed penguin on a shelf.  Teddy Bears!?  They were so use to saying Teddy Bear in reference to any plush that they just couldn’t help themselves, even in what was obviously an all-penguin store.  Kind of like calling a Penguin Bank and “Piggy Bank”.  I don’t like it, but I get it none the less.   Still, I digress. Be it penguin plush, stuffed penguin or ee-gads, penguin teddy bear, Penguin Place has just added 10 new ones this month to our ever growing plush penguin “igloo”.   Some look like very realistic like the Adelie plush large and small and Shaggy penguin, and others like Posh, Punk Blackfoot and  Bright Eyes are just cute and kind of silly.  There’s even a very lovely Sweetie Plush Penguin with an embroidered heart who’s arrived a couple of months too late for Valentines Day.  But, nearly a dozen new plush / stuffed penguins only adds to the worlds largest single offering of plush penguins from one store / website.

Now say 10 times fast : Pink Posh Penguin Plush


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