How To Make A Penguin Cake

Here’s how to make a wonderful penguin cake from Penguin Place.  To make the Penguins In Antarctica cake,  you should give yourself some time. To play it safe begin about 10 days before the party by making the fondant and shaping the penguins. To make the wings on the penguins, use a small leaf cookie cutter. All other pieces of the penguin were hand shaped.

For the igloo entrance, use paper rolls, ok, toilet paper rolls, for its shape. Cover the paper roll in parchment. Then, cover the paper roll with a piece of fondant. Cut fondant squares using a pizza cutter to create straight, even edges. Begin placing the squares on the paper roll, covering completely. Let dry for at least 4 days.

To bake the chocolate penguin party cakes, use a 10 inch round pan for the base and half of a ball pan for the main igloo piece. In the middle of the base,  use Oreo cookie filling. Making the Oreo filling is fun for kids and adults for that matter. Take a package of Oreos and  let the kids (if available) mash them up. Then add the Oreos to white buttercream.

Frost the 10 inch cake with white buttercream. Since the igloo can get heavy,  place three wooden dowels in the 10 inch in the spot the igloo would go. Place the igloo cake on top and frost that as well. To make the empty pond,  scoop out a little bit of cake then frost the hole in the cake.

Next, to built the igloo  add square fondant pieces all around the igloo. As you go up the igloo, the squares will have to be adjusting according to the shape of the igloo. Some might be more triangular shaped, or have to be cut a little to completely cover the igloo. To make the trees use sugar ice cream cones, and add green piping from a craft shop. Finally, dust the cake and trees with a little powdered sugar for the snow.The pond is filled with piping gel tinted blue. The fish is made of fondant.Finally, do not add the penguins until the cake has made it to its final destination.

Penguins In Antarctica Cake


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