Penquin Hats

Last night I received a phone call from a woman who claimed that our secret 10% off coupon code, penguinpals10 (opps) wasn’t working.  She was a teacher and had ordered a bunch of penguin hats for her class.  She had already qualified for the free shipping ($75 and over), but asked if there was an additional coupon discount to be had.  Since she said she was a teacher and was ordering a bunch of hats for the kiddies I thought, what the heck and gave her our “secret” Penguin Place Facebook Friends coupon.  “Just enter PenguinPals10 in the coupon box of the checkout page”, I told her.  She called back a few minutes later to say it didn’t work.  “Hmmm, I thought, maybe I’m mistaken and it’s PenguinPal10”,  I told her.  Again she called back and said it didn’t take.  I knew it was working as I had received an order an hour before with the 10% off coupon code discount.  “I don’t know what to tell you”, she said.  “I entered the code just the way you told me, and she began to spell it out  p-e-n-q-u-i-n-p-a-l-s-10”.  “Wait a minute.”  I said, “you know you just spelled penguin with a q instead of a g.”  “Isn’t that how you spell penguin?” she asked.  Nope, there’s no q in penguin.  “Well, I’ll be,” she replied.  “I’ve been teaching a unit on penguins this month and spelling it wrong the whole time.”  Well teach, it’s your lucky day, now you’ve just learned how to spell penguin and you get 10% off.  I suppose if Willie Mays can strike out, a 3rd grade teacher is allowed to goof on the spelling of p-e-n-g-u-i-n.  Just don’t do it again.

Penquin Hats?


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