Fugitive Penguin 337 Captured

This just in to the Penguin Post.  The one-year-old Humboldt penguin known to the world as Penguin 337 that has captivated the worlds imagination after improbably escaping from Tokyo Sea Life Park in early March, and has outwitted the Japanese coastguard and other search parties ever since, has been recaptured after 82 days on the run (waddle).  The awol 2ft-tall juvenile Humboldt, which was one of 135 penguins who reside at the park, was re-captured by an aquarium employee patrolling a stretch of the Edogawa River in Ichikawa, Chiba Prefecture. The yet unnamed zoo official spotted the penguin, which was not in the water at the time, and caught it by hand at around 5:30 p.m.  The capture was about five miles from Tokyo Sea Life Park. “We’re relieved to see the penguin come back alive,” said Kazuhiro Sakamoto, the vice head of the aquarium. “It apparently had no health problems.”  There had been more than 30 sightings of Penguin Number 337  reported to the zoo since it escaped, and all the sightings had been local so officials knew it was still in the area of Tokyo Bay, but it had proved to be an elusive little fugitive.  That is until now. It may be a little early in this developing story, but it seems to us that this penguin may have surrendered rather than was captured.  More details as they become available.

Penguin On The Run No More

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4 Responses to “Fugitive Penguin 337 Captured”

  1. Carmen Dalziel Says:

    RUN FOREST RUN!!!!!!

  2. mark lampert Says:

    Another political prisoner stopped at the border. Is he blind too?

  3. Friday Link Party – Summer Kickoff | customedialabs – Blog Says:

    […] favorite news source, the Penguin Place Post, has a breaking story this morning.  The Japanese Fugitive Penguin has been caught. I also believe the Post’s assumption that the penguin was not captured – he […]

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