Jubilee The Penguin

With the Royal family and all of England getting ready for the festivities this weekend the Penguin Post has learned that a five-week-old penguin chick has waddled his way into the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.  Jubilee the penguin got in on the act after keepers at a wildlife park named him in honor of the Queen’s 60-year reign. The Humboldt penguin was the first chick of his kind to be born at Blair Drummond Safari Park in Stirlingshire for 12 years. He weighs just 23oz (650g) and stands 9in (23cm) tall – but seemed keen to show off his enthusiasm for the celebrations as he posed in front of a United Kingdom flag. He made a brief appearance from his nest to be weighed by keepers as first-time parents Billy and Sunny looked on warily. Both parents had been incubating the egg from when it was laid on March 13 until it hatched on April 28. They will rear the chick until it fledges in about three months. Jubilee will stay with his parents and the other four Humboldt penguins at the park. Park manager Gary Gilmour said: “The keepers have been keeping a very close eye on Jubilee and have been weighing the chick every day, to ensure acceptable weight gain. “Penguin chicks usually put on 10% of their body weight every day, so it was vital we know what Jubilee’s daily weight was.”


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One Response to “Jubilee The Penguin”

  1. Cathryn Says:

    Hooray for Jubliee the Penguin, and three cheers for Queen Elizabeth II. An amazing woman.

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