Bald Penguin

The Penguin Post has learned that Ralph the Bald Penguin who is really a sensitive-skinned penguin is now on the hunt for some new clothes to protect him from the elements, now that his current attire is wearing thin.

Ralph, a 13-year-old Humboldt penguin who lives at the Marwell Zoo in the UK, has a mysterious condition that causes him to lose his feathers at a much speedier pace than his fellow penguins, who shed theirs gradually.  To combat his enclosure’s icy climate, Ralph has worn a wetsuit for the last few years, which shields him from sunburn and cold weather. “Penguins moult every year, which usually takes between four to six weeks to complete,” the zoo has explained in the past. “However, Ralph loses all his feathers in the space of a few days, so new ones do not grow through in time, exposing his pale pink skin to the sun. The wetsuit protects Ralph’s sensitive skin until his new feathers have grown through, which his keepers think will take around a month.”

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