Kids Find Lost Penguin On Beach

The Penguin Post has learned that after a group of kids in South America came upon a stray penguin waddling on a Brazilian beach neither they nor their parents knew what to do, so they did the next logical thing, they posted their find on-line with the query, “Found a penguin!! Need Help!”  Not your everyday internet post, but one that prompted thousands of comments from people trying to help these folks figure out what exactly to do with their little penguin, that is until the authorities arrived.

On Tuesday,  kids found a penguin washed ashore in Bahia, Brazil and after an overnight stay in a wash basin by Wednesday a biologist with ICMBio arrived to pick up the newly named Gunter.  Gunter is a Magellanic penguin, and they can sometimes be found as far north as Rio de Janeiro, but rarely if ever as far north as Bahia which is about 500 miles north of Rio.

The post that was sent on-line on  Thuesday stated that Gunter didn’t seem to be feeling too well, and lots of advice was offered on how to help stabilize it until biologists or wildlife agencies came to fetch the penguin.   The biologist said that Gunter actually fared the mishap pretty well, although he has a lot of rehabilitation ahead. She said that “it fills my heart with joy being able to do this, because for each 1 we help, 20 more died on the beaches.” The New York Times, in 2008, featured the work of biologist P. Dee Boersma, who stated that climate change is affecting this breed.  Boersma said that the penguins have to swim about 40 miles farther from their nests while hunting than they did 10 years ago. Although Gunter seems to have eclipsed that mark by ten fold.

The biologist said Gunter is in great shape, with nothing broken and he looks well. She was happy to see him fighting her when she picked him up. Gunter will be paired with a companion in rehabilitation. First he will receive emergency care so he can get back on his feet and feel better, at ICMBio in Prado. Then he will be moved to a center in Eunapolis, Brazil with more penguins and better care. Eventually Gunter, and other rehabilitated penguins will be released into the ocean from Rio Grande do Sul, the main center in Brazil. And then hopefully he will swim home to Chile. So remember, if you ever find a penguin, soliciting advice is exactly what the internet is for; and don’t forget to post cute photos.



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5 Responses to “Kids Find Lost Penguin On Beach”

  1. Polly Says:

    That’s my daughter, and that’s the penguin we found

  2. Polly Says:

    Oh, he wasn’t waddling either. The poor thing dragged himself up the beach, where my daughter found him. He was exhausted and had not been able to get up the whole time he was with us. The biologist said that it is normal for them to be like that, considering the had traveled so very far. Some of them can barely lift their head. She did say though, that after 4-5 days of special feeding through tubes, they are walking around. I still have not called to check on how Gunter is doing. I am a little apprehensive about it because I don’t want to hear bad news… but I will do so tomorrow.

    • Eric Bennett Says:

      I knew I shouldn’t have put waddling around in the story. I heard everything second hand and put it together as best as I could. Thanks for clearing it up and your first hand account. Sounds like quite an adventure for your kids and Gunter.

  3. agogo22 Says:

    Reblogged this on msamba.

  4. Christina Says:

    I hope he makes it! Great of you to help him! I wish all the best!

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