Penguins Take A Mud Bath

Considering the amount of time they spend outdoors in some of the roughest environments the world has to offer, penguins usually manage to remain remarkably dapper. However, this penguin decided to throw decorum aside in a dash for the sea, swimming across a lake of mud in its path and cloaking its usually impeccable black and white plumage in brown slime.

In fact, the bird was so thoroughly covered that it could have been trying to pass itself off as a chocolate penguin.

A huge colony of penguins were gathered on a place called Salisbury Plain in remote South Georgia when a huge mud lake poured across the ice and separated them from the water. Thousands of the cute creatures decided to be sensible and take the longer route around the muck so they could reach the ocean.

But a plucky handful decided they were not going to let a bit of mud get in their way. Instead, they jumped in and made a swim for it. However, they no doubt quickly regretted it.  Within seconds the King Penguins were covered from beak to webbed feet in oozing slime. When they emerged from the pool they looked like they had been dipped in chocolate as they were completely covered in the mud. Eventually they finally reached the sea and the embarrassed penguins threw themselves into the ice-cold ocean for a much-needed wash.


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