About Halfway Done With The Penguin Merger

It’s been about a week since the penguins began waddling in from the west coast and Penguin Gift Shop.  Considering that we’re on a 3rd floor walk up here at Penguin Place soon to be Penguin Gift Shop and we need to unpack, inventory and shelf the new penguin goodies in a coherent manner we requested that PGS send us only 8 – 10 boxes a day.  They had no problem with our request as they have to wrap and  pack everything up anyway.  Tonight we finally caught up on opening, unpacking, cataloging and shelving our new penguin inventory (albeit it’s a bit of a mess in the auxiliary penguin store-room.  So, right now I’d say we’re about half way done, with the other half en-route. I’ll sure be glad when this is over.

New Holiday Figurines

Perky is one of our many new plush penguins

New Kids Romper


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2 Responses to “About Halfway Done With The Penguin Merger”

  1. chris hall Says:

    Why have there been no posts since this one in October ? Have the Penguins migrated to somewhere else for Winter and Christmas ?

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