Penguin Vandalism

The Penguin Post has learned that police are searching for clues leading to the identity of the person who used a stencil to spray paint penguins at Mountain View Elementary School, in East Long Meadow, Mass. That’s what police want to know.  “School officials arrived this morning and found it had been tagged with a penguin,” said Sgt. Denis Sheehan. “Grafitti was painted on the school.”  Sheehan said that along with some obscene representations, somebody apparently used a stencil to spray-paint images of penguins on the school at 77 Hampden Rd.  Sheehan said he has yet to view the images for himself. However, officers who have been at the scene say the penguins do not resemble the logo used by the Pittsburgh Penguins — who, by the way, fell 2-1 to the Bruins Wednesday night in a double overtime thriller that gave Boston a 3-0 lead in the best-of-7 Eastern Conference Finals. Police are seeking the public’s help in the school graffiti case. “If anybody heard anything or know of somebody with a penguin stencil please let us know.” Sheehan said.  As East Long Meadow is merely a snowballs throw away from Penguin Place Central, we are emphatically denying any involvement in this episode of penguin vandalism.

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