Penguin Dinner In New Zealand

The Penguin Post has learned that at the penguin dinner fundraiser on Friday, June 14 more than $9000 was raised at the McCracken Country Club and coordinator of the night Rob Heaslip said awareness on the plight of the Little Penguins on Granite Island has been heightened.  “It was an excellent night and I would sincerely like to thank McCracken and all the other sponsors for bringing the attention to the penguins on Granite Island,” Mr Heaslip said. “We all left the night astounded to the extent of the decline of the penguins and hopefully now, both local and state governments will get behind this to look after one of the Fleurieu Peninsula’s main tourist attractions.” City of Victor Harbor mayor Graham Philp said the night was very educational with special guest speakers, Liberal leader Steven Marshall and penguin researcher professor Sonia Kleindorfer. “Their input made the night special,” Mr Philp said. “Save the Granite Island penguins campaign is about raising awareness of the issues surrounding the decline of penguin populations, not just on Granite Island, but throughout the state. “There is still a lot of work to be done, but we have achieved a small step to go forward. “We need the community to write letters and apply pressure to state minister for the environment, Ian Hunter to allocate funds to research the problem further. “It is important the community gets behind the campaign now.” The $9,027 raised will be held in the Victor Harbor & Port Elliot Lions Club bank account, until it can be utilised to help the Little Penguins on Granite Island. In 2001 there were 1548 Little Penguins on Granite Island and at last count in 2012 there are only 26. Scientific research has proven the growing population of the New Zealand Fur Seal is the major reason for the rapid decline.little1


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One Response to “Penguin Dinner In New Zealand”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I really enjoy your posts but I have to correct you here – Granite Island is in Australia (South Australia to be precise), not New Zealand as the post title suggests! The confusingly named New Zealand fur seal lives in both countries.

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