Noodles and Albie Reading

The Penguin Post was there when unpublished children’s author and all-around penguin guy Eric Bennett had a fun reading of his yet to be released kids picture book Noodles and Albie to an enthusiastic group of 1st graders at Bridge St. School in Northampton, Mass.  Eric’s daughter Rose did an outstanding job acting as his assistant displaying Liz Bannish’s wonderful illustrations to the class in tandem with the reading.  The kids laughed out loud at many parts of the story, and were on the edge of their seats at others, as they enjoyed the story of young Noodles the penguin and his adventures (and misadventures) with his friend Albie the fish.   After the reading there was a Q & A with Eric, and then the kids were able to look at Ms. Bannish’s illustrations up close. Hopefully, the full story with illustrations will be available in early 2014.



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2 Responses to “Noodles and Albie Reading”

  1. mark lampert Says:

    congratulations – who gets the movie rights?

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