Chubby Penguins Go For Power Waddle

 This winter the Penguin Post has learned that for some chubby penguins in Japan it’s like March of the Penguins up close and personal. Keepers at the Asahiyama Zoo in Japan usher the birds out twice a day at 11 am and 2.30 pm during the months of December to March, to make sure the penguins don’t pile on the pounds.
The walk is designed to keep the penguins fit and healthy and fend off obesity during the winter months, when the birds tend to be less active and accumulate more fat. 1103penguins
The Penguin Walk has now become a world-renowned attraction, with tourists flocking to the zoo to witness the extraordinary event.
The walk, according to the zoo, is done at a ‘penguin’s pace,’ which means it takes about 40 minutes. The chubby penguins can only be walked during the winter months, because without the snow, the normal concrete paths of the zoo would damage their feet. 1103penguins1


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