Penguin Chick Rescue Project

The Chick Bolstering Project is a bit of a strange name for an organization that saves baby penguins,  but odd name or not it actually does rescue endangered baby penguins — and lots of them too over in South Africa. This penguin rescue project is a partnership with the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCOB), the South African government, and others.  In the past six months, they’ve rescued more than 800 endangered African penguin chicks from starvation. Does that mean it’s time for a cuddle party?!  Perhaps. But, this is serious business for the endangered African

The Penguin Post thinks this is more than just a cute, cuddly project as African penguins have been increasingly endangered for a few years now, and their situation grows more precarious every season.  In fact in the past 80 years, the African penguin population has shrunk 97.5 percent, because of overfishing, human encroachment, oil spills and climate change which has eliminated their food sources and nesting sites. rescued-african-penguin-chick

In many cases food has become so scarce that in recent years, parent African penguins were abandoning their little ones because the chicks were too small or sick from lack of food. The Chick Bolstering Project hand-rears these abandoned chicks, helps them bulk up a little, and releases them three months later.  Well done.


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