Solar Eclipse For Penguins Only

Attention all Emperor penguins: The Penguin Post has learned that an annular solar eclipse will be turning the sun into a glowing ring of fire, the full extent of which will only be visible from a remote spot of coastal Antarctica.  For those not familiar a solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the sun and Earth, casting its shadow on our planet’s surface. For tonight’s eclipse, the first solar eclipse of the year, the moon will be slightly closer to the Earth than normal, making its shadow a bit smaller and thus unable to completely cover the face of the sun. Such so-called annular solar eclipses only block out the central portion of the sun, leaving a beautiful ring of light around it.penguineclipse1-660x665

But, for this eclipse the moment of annularity will only be visible from a tiny slice of Antarctica, which is the home to a few Emperor Penguin colonies.  Even the scientists living at the South Pole will miss the event because the sun is currently below the horizon for them during the long dark Antarctic winter. But hundreds of miles north from there near the coast, the sun will manage to just peek over the horizon and turn into a glowing ring during the eclipse.  The sight of which will surely delight and amaze our flightless friends, and since the only beings to be around to see it will be Emperor penguins,  scientists have dubbed this the “Penguin Eclipse.”


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