The New Penguins Are Here!

The new penguins are here, the new penguins are here!  Actually, the new penguins have been here for a few weeks now, but as of this weekend the penguin loving public can now see them.  Thirteen new penguins were introduced to the Helzberg Penguin Plaza at the Kansas City Zoo on Friday. The penguins, nine Gentoo and four King penguins, were brought in from Sea World, San Antonio.

Herzberg Plaza Penguin House at the Kansas City Zoo

Helzberg Penguin Plaza at the Kansas City Zoo

They arrived last month via a refrigerated truck and have spent the last 30 days in isolation just to make sure they were healthy. The new additions bring the Kansas City penguin population to 50. Zoo officials said the newcomers are being welcomed with opened wings.penguinsinside2

“They’re all just kind of checking each other out, and they typically live in huge groups. We have a mural on the wall that shows how big of groups they can live in so it’s pretty normal for them to have a lot of birds around,” Kansas City Zoo Animal Supervisor Andrea O’Daniels said.You can find out more about the penguins during feeding time: 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. every day.



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