Penguin Eats and Penguin Treats

Penguin Canapés

This past week The Penguin Post saw a great picture that someone had shared on Facebook.  It was a series of little photos showing how to make penguin canapés
– and they were AWESOME.Here’s what I we figured out:

1: You’ll need some soft cheese, pitted black olives, a carrot and some cocktail sticks.   The original picture just showed a tiny weeny scoopy kind of spoon full of nondescript soft cheese.  I don’t have a little scoopy spoon so I went for goat’s cheese, which I      knew I could roll into balls by hand. 

2: Peel the carrots and cut into slices roughly 4mm thick, then cut out a small triangle ‘beak’ from each. The larger bit is for the penguins’ feet.

3: Pop the beaks into the widest hole of the olives to make the penguins’ heads.

4: Spoon out the soft bits of the cheese and roll it (with very clean hands!) into small balls.

5: To make the penguin bodies, cut down one side of an olive.

6: Then insert the small ball of cheese.

7: Put the two olives together on one of the cut-out carrot slices and spear with a cocktail stick. Done!

8: Repeat – et voilá – a whole army of penguins! 




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