What They’re Saying About Noodles & Albie

Hey there Noodles and Albie fans.  The book is finally going to press next week and the release date for this much anticipated penguin picture book, written by Eric Bennett with wonderful water color illustrations by Liz Bannish is set for mid-June.  So far the early reviews are unanimous that this is a pretty cool read for the hip, young, penguin loving picture book crowd.  The latest rave is from the Penguin Lady herself, Dyan deNapoli, who is the award winning author of the Great Penguin Rescue, all-around Penguin Lecturer, and the “Emperor Penguin” behind the much praised Penguin TedTalks series.

Noodles & Albie is a delightful book about penguins, friendship, and growing up that will be enjoyed by children of all ages. The charming illustrations bring the many adventures of Noodles to life.  And, while following Noodles’ escapades, children will also be learning about actual Emperor penguin biology and behavior. Two flippers up for Noodles & Albie!

Dyan deNapoli – The Penguin Lady
Penguin expert and award-wininng author of The Great Penguin Rescue

Here’s a few more great reviews and a first sneak peak of the back cover of our soon to be released book.  Noodles & Albie.



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