A Penguin Named Noodles

Our crack investigative team at the Penguin Post has actually tracked down a real live penguin named Noodles, and oddly enough it turns out this Noodles lives near the beach in southern California.  With our fun kids book Noodles and Albie about to be released in a couple of weeks we did a little Noodles-centirc snooping and it didn’t take long for us to be pleasantly surprised by finding a real live waddling Noodles.   Turns out he’s flightless, feisty male Magellanic Penguin who’s presently residing at the Aquarium of The Pacific in Long Beach California.  Apparently, this Noodles has no idea who Albie is but he is kind of keen on a shy, sassy female penguin named Patsy, and according to their keepers the feeling from Patsy’s camp is mutual.  As told to the Penguin Post by his handlers “Noodles is a bit shy and hesitant around humans. He takes his food all at once and then runs back into the water. He’s also a bit noisy and gets very vocal at times. He’s a strong chunky guy with a very strong bite. But, despite his powerful bite, Noodles doesn’t seem to challenge the other males much.”   Sounds like some people I know.  Noodles might not be aware of this, but he might be getting a little more attention as the gift shop at the Aquarium of The Pacific has agreed to carry our book Noodles & Albie.

Noodles of Long Beach

Noodles of Long Beach


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