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noodlesandalbiefrontcoverIt was indeed a festive atmosphere at Penguin HQ in downtown Northampton last night, as a half dozen friends and wanna-be aquatic thespians gathered for the first historic recording session of the Noodles & Albie e-book audio files.   Although we’re not sure which version of Noodles and Albie is going to be released first (print or e-book), as they’re presently waddling neck and neck.

The hardcover picture book is on its way to the printer and is now scheduled for an early July release, while the e-book is laid out complete and only missing the fun, interactive audio tracks.

That said,  last night we began laying down the much anticipated audio files which will enable e-book readers to click on multiple penguin footprints in the page margins that will enable Noodles and Albie fans to hear their favorite characters.

Annicca reading Noodles

Annicca reading Noodles

There will also be all sorts of fun sound effects like water splashing when Noodles falls in the ocean.  Last night Dave (the narrator), Annecca (Noodles), Kate (Albie), Maze (Noodles Mom and Confused Starfish).

Narrator Dave

Narrator Dave

Sophie (as Sophie) and yours truly (Noodles’ Dad, Old Eel and Crabby Crab) were recorded at our Penguin Igloo HQ “studio” by head penguin recording engineer Chris Ryan.

A fun time was had by all as we attempted to bring Noodles, Albie and their colorful Antarctic world to life.  There will be at least one more recording session, and then comes the editing and mixing to finish the audio files.  After that, interactive penguin e-book here we come!  Everyone involved is really looking forward to the finished project in the next couple of weeks.  Stay tuned for official release date.

Kate is all about Albie

Kate is all about Albie


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