Penguin Ale

After discussing the aptly monikered Tactical Nuclear Penguin beer last week, the Penguin Post would like to remind everyone that for a brief shining moment back in the mid- 1980’s, there was the wonderfully named Penguin Ale, with an equally fab, classic looking label and timeless penguin logo.  However, sadly production of the only beer commercially brewed in the Falkland Islands (Penguin or otherwise) ground to a halt more than 25 years ago.
Everards Penguin Ale was produced in Port Stanley just after the 1982 Falkland Islands War between Britain and Argentina. The ale was offered from 1983 until 1986, in a move by Everards to supply the British  military forces stationed on the Islands after the conflict with some much-needed home comforts. But, apparently Penguin Ale, produced by the Everards micro-brewery wasn’t quite up to the taste of the servicemen, who were accustomed to the draught ale and beer served up in British pubs, while the local Falkland Islanders were already firmly attached to their imported McEwans ale and Tennents lager.  So, sadly as much as the local powers that be tried to champion their new domestic Penguin Ale, it never caught on and waddled into the sunset in 1986.  Of course I still have my bottle given to me by the then Governour General  of the Falklands, Sir Rex Hunt in the late 1980’s, and no I have not yet opened it. eb4626ce5c0611e3bcbd12632825247e_8


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