Penguin Gets The Right Trousers



The Penguin Post has learned that a baby Humboldt penguin had trouble standing properly after his parents sat on him a bit too enthusiastically when they were trying to keep him warm. Keepers at the Scarborough Sea Life Sanctuary in the U.K. discovered the problem when the chick was three weeks old. It was important to straighten out the problem as soon as possible, as chicks grow extremely quickly and he could have been permanently disabled unless the problem was fixed. In this case, the penguin was fitted with some special trousers made of tight-fitting elastic, which helped to keep his legs in the right position.

Lyndsey Crawford from Scarborough SEA LIFE Sanctuary, where the penguin lives, said: “We have also been sitting him in a shallow pot to help keep his legs in the right position and gradually correct his posture as he continues to grow!”

The penguin will go for his first swim in the next few weeks when he will outgrow his trousers, and his adult feathers are fully developed and coated in their special waterproof oil coating for waterproofing.

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