Real U.K. Penguin Love Stories

The Penguin Post has learned that a real live penguin love story is being played out at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary in southern England. Last year millions of British TV viewers watched on anxiously as a young Humboldt penguin Pine was introduced to the Sanctuary’s resident colony in the hope he would pair-up with single female Lola. The blind date was featured on Caroline Quentin’s documentary “Cornwall,” but gooey-eyed viewers never got to see the surprising outcome.

Pine (left) and Yoni at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary

Pine (left) and Yoni at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary

There was indeed a happy ending, but as it transpired…for four of the colony’s residents rather than just two! Lola and Pine liked each other well enough, but it was sad Gilbert – whose original partner Ruby had passed away a year earlier – who stole Lola’s heart. Lola and a thoroughly rejuvenated Gilbert are now inseparable, but there was a further happy development to come … for Pine has also found love, with the sole remaining unattached female Yoni.

“They are the youngest of our birds, and until recently were more concerned with having fun than with romance,” said the Sanctuary’s Eileen Keeling.  “Just lately though our animal care team have noticed the pair indulging in more and more canoodling and mutual preening.”  Together with long-term partners Ivy and Piran, that makes three happy and contented couples. “Seeing their relationship blossom has been a really heart-warming experience,” said Eileen, “and now they are a proper pair it has made our Christmas already, and guaranteed a happy and affectionate festive season for all six of our birds.”


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