Henry The Penguin Waddles Far From Home

The Penguin Post has learned that a rare penguin found wandering hundreds of miles from home is now en route back to the sea near where he hails from. The rare penguin in question is a Fiordland Crested Penguin from southern New Zealand named Henry was found wandering around the center of Akaroa, a town near Christchurch, New Zealand about three weeks ago.   Christchurch is located about two thirds of the way up New Zealand’s southern main island, and when discovered Henry was not only hungry and thirsty. He was moulting.11401516 Kevin Parthonnaud who first discovered the wayward penguin said Henry, who evaded capture at first, had been staying in his garden in Akoura.  Fiordland Crested Penguins, are classified as “endangered”, and are one of the rarest penguin species in the world. Their breeding range extends from south Westland to Fiordland, and on islands in the Foveaux Strait and Stewart Island, many hundreds of miles south of Christchurch. West Coast Penguin Trust manager Inger Perkins said she had not heard of a Fiordland crested penguin as far north as Akaroa before. “They don’t pop up away from their range that often, and especially this far north.” She also said Henry, “who could equally be a ‘Henrietta'”, was retrieved on Monday from Akaroa by Department of Conservation marine ranger Derek Cox, who was on holiday in the area with his partner. They put Henry in their van and spent the night camping out with the penguin. Henry, who was in a crate, attracted the curiosity of many local non-flightless birds. “They all just kind of looked at each other,” Perkins said. Henry’s presence also prompted a call to the police from confused campers. “We had to be sure it was not a penguin abduction,” police spokesman John Dougherty said. Henry was then delivered to Hokitika-based animal trustee Kim McPherson’s home for further fostering on Wednesday. Perkins said Henry would likely finish his moulting in the next week or so, when his newly waterproof feathers would then enable him to be returned to the sea back in his native habitat.

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