New Penguins Hatching In Scotland

The Penguin Post has learned that  the Edinburgh Zoo is welcoming its first furry Gentoo penguins of the season, which were born this week. The first chick made its arrival on Monday, with the second breaking out of his shell yesterday. Another egg has already started to crack and is expected to hatch shortly, followed by the hatching of several other chicks over the next couple of weeks.

1430997278-a12cfa069ffa71656b7ba0a342cdb7a3-1038x576Edinburgh Zoo are over the moon about its new arrivals despite the hectic schedule the penguin breeding season brings. “We are really happy that the first of the gentoo penguin eggs have hatched,” senior penguin keeper Dawn Nicoll said. “Penguin breeding season is always a really busy time for us, right from the moment we put the nesting rings into the enclosure, through the incubation period, to the hatching, rearing and, eventually, the fledging of the chicks.

1430999181-c4a322abb4195eafdeabdd9307630ff3-1366x910“It is always incredibly rewarding when the eggs start hatching and we finally get to see the penguin chicks. “The majority of them will hatch over the next two to three weeks as the penguins will not all lay at exactly the same time. Fingers crossed we will have quite a few chicks keeping us busy this season.” The breeding season at Penguins Rock kicked off in March as the penguins all began to squabble and flipper-slap each other as they competed for the best breeding grounds. The first eggs were laid at the beginning in April just in time for Easter and the penguins have now produced 40 eggs so far.


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