Waddle On Board The Penguin Train

The Penguin Post has learned that to celebrate the third anniversary of the Tokyo Sky Tree’s train line, a group of travelers will be riding the train to Sumida with some very special company: a group of adorable Magellanic penguins. The Sumida Aquarium is home to all sorts of marine life, but the biggest stars are its penguins, who frolic and float in a spacious habitat in the center of the facility.

A number of events are planned as part of the Sky Tree’s third birthday, which is officially May 22. For its part, the Sumida Aquarium is planning something called the Penguin Train, which is exactly what it sounds like.pt-7

Kitakasukabe Station is located in Saitama Prefecture’s Kasukabe City on the Tobu Isesaki Line, a portion of which is also known as the Tokyo Sky Tree line because its southernmost stop is right at the base of the tower.  At 12:10 p.m. on May 17, a group of elementary school children, chosen through applications submitted through the Tobu Railway website, and their families will board the train at Kitakasukabe bound for Tokyo Sky Tree Station.

pt-6The trip will take about 50 minutes, which ordinarily would be plenty of time for the little tykes to get antsy. We doubt any of them will be bored on this day, though, since they’ll be sharing the train with a group of four Magellanic penguins on loan from the Sumida Aquarium.

The dapper birds will be parading through the train, giving the passengers a chance to observe them up-close. Upon arriving at Tokyo Sky Tree Station, the group will proceed to the aquarium to watch the penguins feeding, plus listen to a talk from their caretakers before proceeding on a tour of the rest of the aquarium and making the trip up to the Sky Tree’s observation platform hundreds of feet above the city. The penguins, meanwhile, will be relaxing in the pool, having already had enough excitement for one day after taking their train ride, something most penguins rarely gets to do.


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