Introducing…Mammoth Penguins

10457368-largeWe at the Penguin Post love any band that adopts a penguin name and Mammoth Penguin is no exception. Emma, Mark and Tom of Mammoth Penguins explain the band’s name and a bit more.

1: How did the band get together?

Tom Barden: I joined the band in January 2014, but the band has been going on slightly longer than that.

Emma Kupa: We had another drummer before, who left. Me and Mark have been playing together for about two years. My previous band was Standard Fare, based in Sheffield. We played Cambridge a few times which is how I got to know Mark. I moved down to Cambridgeshire in February 2013 and persuaded Mark to start a band with me.

2: Describe your sound/style in a nutshell

Mark Boxall: Sort of noisy three-piece pop. Some people say we sound a bit like Weezer.

3: Why the name?

MB: If you think of any good band name and google it, it always already exists. So having done that, we thought we’d just put some words together! And what’s better than a penguin? A MAMMOTH penguin.

TB: . . . And then we discovered that mammoth penguins actually exist, not long after we named the band.



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