Penguin Waddles The Streets Of Peru

The Penguin Post has learned that police in Peru responded to perhaps one of the most unusual of emergency call-outs – a lost penguin roaming busy streets of Nuevo Chimbote, a large town in northern Peru.

Footage of the penguin and it’s rescue can be seen below as the penguin wandered alone before the police attempted to apprehend the wayward waddler.    In a bid to evade capture, the nervous penguin – named Pingui – is seen running away and shaking its feathers.  Thankfully, the police caught the penguin without incident and later give it a hearty fish supper.


The penguin will be taken to the penguin habitat Vivero Forestal de Chimbote to recover until released back to the sea. Humboldts territiory is central and northern Chile and occasionally make it as far north as Peru as in the case of Pingui.


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