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Penguin Costumes Ready To Waddle

October 18, 2009

After taking my kids on Northampton’s very fun, but kind of scary Look Park Haunted Train ride last night it became apparent to me that Halloween is just around the corner, so this morning I double checked my penguin costume inventory and made some calculations and best guess estimates to be sure that our penguin costume supply will meet our penguin costume demand. My guess is we should be o.k. as other than the sold out and unavailable teen size, Penguin Place has a fairly deep inventory of kids and adult penguin costumes. With that settled and after a little bit of snow on Friday it’s time to start thinking about the holidays and ordering some new penguin boxed cards, plush and ornaments. I also need to find out what happened to the cool knit penguin hats and mittens I ordered at the NY Gift Show in August?  I hope they didn’t forget about us.

Sophie & Rose not dressed as penguins in 2008